Using An Independent Connections Provider In 2023

An Independent Connection Provider is a licenced organisation that operates on the energy network on behalf of customers

Mains electrical cable in trench

What is the definition of an Independent Connections Provider (ICP)?

Customers now have the option of having the bulk of connection work, referred to as contestable work, performed by a third-party connection provider, thanks to the introduction of competition in connections.
Non-contestable work, on the other hand, can only be done by the Distribution Network Operator (DNO).

The operator of an Independent Distribution Network (IDNO)

A firm approved by Ofgem to own and operate electrical networks is known as an Independent Distribution Network Operator (IDNO).

What is an Independent Connections Provider (ICP) and what does it do for it’s clients?

Your DNO is not required to complete contestable works. They can also be carried out by an independent connections supplier who is listed on Lloyds’ Register’s National Electricity Registration Scheme (NERS).

Works that are contestable

An Independent Connections Provider (ICP) can perform the following types of contestable work:

  • Considering the influence of your new network connection on the existing one
  • Identifying and designing the existing network’s Point of Connection (POC)
  • Routes for overhead lines, cable routes, and substations require legal approval
  • The existing network can be strengthened in a competitive manner
  • Designing a network extension
  • Obtaining and providing equipment and supplies for the extension in accordance with DNOs’ current specifications
  • Site preparation and trenching, as well as the circuit routes between the development and the point of connection
  • The new connection development necessitated substation relocations and diversions
  • The network extension is being built
  • All work, as well as the locations of cable routes and other equipment (on or off site), is tracked, with full records sent to the DNOs
  • Reconstruction of any previously excavated areas, including cable routes
    arranging for metering equipment to be installed
  • Routes for overhead lines, cable routes, and substations require legal approval.

Works that are non-contestable

(and can only be done by the Distribution Network Operator):

  • Choosing the equipment and materials that will be used on their network
  • The new ICP connection/network design has been approved
  • Inspection and supervision of the ICPs’ activities on the new network’s construction
  • Observing the ICP test the newly installed electrical equipment
  • More options
  • increased adaptability
  • Faster shipping
  • It’s possible that it’ll be more cost-effective



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