Using A Self Lay Provider In 2023

The benefits of using a self lay provider

Adam James
2 min readAug 2, 2021


Self lay provider

You can ask the water company or sewerage company for the installation of the pipes if a development needs it. You can also choose your own contractor, known as a self lay provider. If self-laying pipes are completed in accordance with its contract with the developer, or self lay provider who performed the work, the water company will assume responsibility.

A self lay provider will usually be more convenient as it might be possible to offer a multi-utility option. This will save you time and money, and allow for better coordination of infrastructure provision.

Self lay providers can have many benefits. A self lay provider can complete your water connections with more flexibility and coordination with your construction program. They can be your single point of contact, and they are part of multi-utility contracts, which also include gas, power, and/or telecoms. They can be more responsive and cost-effective.

The Water Industry Regulation Scheme is administered by Lloyd’s Register for the water industry in England/Wales. This means that self-laying providers have been accredited to the scheme. They have shown they are capable of carrying out water connection work to the same quality, safety and technical standards as we would.

Lloyd’s Register regularly reviews and visits self-lay providers to ensure that they are performing at a high level.

What types of work can a self-lay provider do for you?

Contestable activities include most tasks related to the installation or diversion of water mains, and making service connections. They can also be performed by a self-lay provider.

Locating a self-lay provider

For competitive quotes on Lloyd’s Register, you can contact self-lay providers. This is a list that you can use to find self-lay providers in your area.